Rattlerow Farms Ltd (LPL Group) is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the multi award-winning Bridge House Farm Herd, a prominent 800 sow unit located in Northamptonshire. This strategic move marks a significant expansion for Rattlerow Farms and reaffirms its commitment to consistently improve, strengthen and grow the business through prudent investment to achieve an unrivalled position for quality, service and genetic excellence.

The acquisition of Bridge House Farm presents an exciting opportunity for Rattlerow to broaden its reach and strengthen its position as an industry leader in the genetics sector. With this new addition to its portfolio, Rattlerow will further enhance its ability to meet the growing demands of consumers while maintaining its unwavering dedication to delivering value and improving efficiency throughout all stages of the supply chain.

“We are delighted to welcome Bridge House Farm into the Rattlerow family,” said Robin Lawson, MD of Rattlerow Genetics. “For many years, the Thompson family have been associated with exceptional performance and stockmanship so this acquisition aligns perfectly with our mission to develop, improve and promote genetic excellence. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings and look forward to leveraging the expertise and resources of Bridge House Farm to drive innovation and growth.”

Rattlerow Farms Ltd plans to integrate the operations of Bridge House Farm seamlessly into its existing infrastructure while preserving the unique characteristics that have made Bridge House Farm such a well-respected and recognisable name in the UK pig industry. The company remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and high quality of breeding stock throughout the transition process.

“We are committed to upholding the legacy of excellence that Bridge House Farm has established over the years,” said Robin. “By combining our strengths and resources, we are confident that we can create even greater value for our customers and contribute to the long-term success of the pig industry.”

Rattlerow Farms Ltd is one of the largest and longest established, privately owned and entirely independent pig genetics businesses in Europe. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Rattlerow have been a stalwart of genetic excellence in the UK pig industry for 70 years and counting. This agreement with BHF and the long term strategic partnership recently concluded with Sofina Foods, demonstrates Rattlerow’s long term commitment to our customers and the British pig industry.

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