As a leading international pig genetics company Rattlerow exports breeding pigs to many parts of the world and has wide experience in the differing requirements of overseas markets.

Products to suit all systems

The large range of Rattlerow products can be selected to suit country preferences and have been shown to improve returns under a wide range of environmental conditions.

International Expertise

Rattlerow works closely with its partner company Rattlerow Seghers to offer genetic packages that can deliver long term solutions to businesses and maximise profit though improved health and genetics. In addition our practical experience in many of the processes of pig keeping places us in an ideal position to help customers and offer advice and training for the growth of their own businesses. The Rattlerow team offer specialist support in genetics, breeding programmes, AI, pig management, nutrition, veterinary health control and building design.

Rattlerow continue to expand abroad and if you are interested in working with us please contact us for details.

Rattlerow Worldwide

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HEBEI SEGHERS Pig Breeding Co. Ltd
Lian Wa Farm, Anping Country, 053600 Hebei Province, P.R. of China

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