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Mr. Philip Lawson established the Rattlerow family business in 1954, specialising in the genetic improvement of pigs in the heart of Suffolk, England. The reputation of the Rattlerow lines was gained though successful independent Government performance test results (MLC) and a continuous investment in health and genetic improvement. Today the name of Rattlerow has become synonymous with genetic excellence and the genetic influence of the Rattlerow blood lines is widely recognised on an international scale.

Our Mission Statement

To consistently improve, strengthen and grow the business through prudent investment to achieve an unrivalled position for quality, service and genetic excellence.

Investment in genetics

The core business of Rattlerow remains the development and improvement of the genetic lines. Within isolated UK nucleus farms, sophisticated testing and selection systems are used to identify superior breeding animals within the purebred dam and sire line populations. Information from many generations and genetic links from additional Rattlerow Seghers nucleus and multiplication farms situated across Europe, enlarge the genetic pool and help to maximise genetic progress.

Four AI stations and 15 nucleus and multiplication farms situated from Scotland in the North of the UK to Essex in the South are responsible for the production of high health boars, gilts and semen for customer farms in the UK and abroad. Specialised breeding programmes developed over many years offer a product range of three parent dam lines and five commercial sire lines suited to a range of production systems.

Rattlerow has invested heavily in ownership of much of its UK-based nucleus and multiplication herds. This commitment to production has allowed a single-minded development of lines using modern technology, with strict controls over health, husbandry and stock selection.

Our breeding programme

Commercial Production

Lawson Commercial Farms (LCF) handles the commercial activities where the rearing and finishing of pigs for slaughter remains a significant sector of the business. From the Rattlerow breeding farms and 20 rearing sites approximately 175000 surplus pigs a year are marketed to processors and sold under various retailer brands.

Rattlerow are probably the largest UK employer of specialised pig stockmen and employ over 120 staff within the business. Training, motivation and an advancement structure are all vitally important aspects of the business.

Rattlerow run a number of support services that have become businesses in their own right. A separate fabrication and construction department employs up to 6 staff for the development of new buildings, equipment and maintenance of the livestock sites. A company feed mill manufactures over 30000 tones of pig feed per year. A transport department is responsible for delivery of breeding stock, slaughter animals and distribution of many of the manufactured rations. Rattlerow arable farms 900 hectares of intensive arable land supplying cereals and straw to the pigs which is recycled back to the land as manure and slurry.

Rattlerow is committed to renewable energy with substantial investment in solar panels across all farms, and a biogas plant to utilise surplus muck and slurry

The unique combination of these businesses offers customers proven and practical technical support and backup accumulated over many years of farming. Through this experience we look forward to working with our customers to help them maximise their profitability through improved genetics and management advances.

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