Delivering Genetic Improvement

Rattlerow has been at the leading edge of genetic transfer through the use of AI for many years and have proved to be unrivalled leaders in the collection and processing of semen in the UK. Experience gained from building and running AI studs and breeding farms around the world, has helped to ensure our customers continue to have superior genetics of the highest health status and advanced technical support.

World Class Stud Facilities

Rattlerow studs have been designed to the highest specification. All boars are housed in fully insulated and environmentally controlled buildings to minimise temperature fluctuations and maximise boar comfort and health. Rattlerow has substantially raised the standard of AI facilities by building the first UK Gene Distribution Centre with full air conditioning, air filtration, CleanFlow boar preparation, automated collection and packaging. These facilities ensure animals are housed in an optimum environment to enable them to produce the highest semen quality throughout the year

Top-performing Boars

Only the very best boars from the companies own nucleus farms are selected for AI. They will have undergone extensive on-farm performance testing and across herd BLUP analysis, DNA testing and continual visual selections to ensure that only the top 3% of animals enter the studs.

The boars are replaced at regular intervals by superior animals predicted to improve customer performance. This ensures that genetic improvement is maintained and customers receive the most recent genetic advances.

Sire Line semen is available from three specialised boar lines, enabling customer to select the most appropriate genetics for their production system and carcass specification.

Dam Line GP semen from three highly productive female lines is available for specialised breeders to operate a closed herd policy to produce prolific parent gilts on their own farms through the GENmatch programme.

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Biosecurity & Health Testing

The Rattlerow studs are situated in extremely isolated areas of low animal density to avoid any risk of disease entering the sites. Strict biosecurity controls covering, personnel, animals, feed, bedding and vehicles are constantly maintained. The addition of air filtration facilities helps to provide the highest level of biosecurity. All supplying nucleus farms operate under strict health monitoring protocols. In addition, independent health checks prior to entry, stud quarantine and weekly veterinary monitoring combined with blood tests and PCR screening for economically important diseases, ensure that the highest health is maintained. This is of vital importance for customer farms and our own nucleus units.

Quality Assurance

The unique Rattlerow CleanFlow boar preparation and IMV automated Collectis system help to maintain cleanliness and has shown to significantly reduce the potential risk of bacterial contamination of the semen. Every ejaculate is fully traceable and is evaluated for morphological abnormalities, viability and motility before release. The use of a high quality long life extender is vital for the maintenance of semen quality. Retained samples from each boar continue to be examined for at least five days after collection.

Rattlerow studs are independently monitored to ensure best practice is maintained and that semen is being processed consistently to maximise fertility and ensure traceability. Most Rattlerow studs are EU licensed and are all monitored under the BPEX AI Standard. The Standard is based on best practice principles and covers more than 80 individual standards with an internal and independent audit performed annually.


Semen can be supplied in a flat pack storage bag, in the smaller and more flexible gene transfer bag (GTB). All samples are clearly labelled with the boar ID and recommended use by date. A number of differing catheters and various AI supplies can also be supplied by Rattlerow.

Frozen Semen

In some circumstances, in order to transport semen long distances with no health risk, frozen semen may be an advantage for the introduction of high value genetics. Rattlerow has been exporting frozen semen successfully to many parts of the world and is an ideal partner for this technology.


Semen can be delivered to all parts of the UK and abroad. Most deliveries are made in Rattlerow temperature controlled courier vans or by post in specially developed high U-value, polyurethane boxes.


Rattlerow views training and support as a vital component of successful artificial insemination and AI training workshops are a regular part of this backup. Through its AI specialists and managers, Rattlerow prides itself in giving professional and practical help and advice backed up by many years of experience.

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