We are pleased to announce that Rattlerow Farms has entered into a long term strategic partnership with Karro for the supply of genetics and technical services into the Karro Brydock pyramid. The collaboration, which will commence in April, will see Karro take on the operation of the multiplication herds with continued world-class genetic input and technical oversight provided by Rattlerow. This arrangement will also see up to 12 Rattlerow Scotland employees transfer to Sofina Europe, and will further the working relationship between the two companies.

Robin Lawson, MD of Rattlerow Genetics, said: “Through this merger, we are combining our strengths to enhance our ability to provide cutting-edge genetics solutions to our customers. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, we aim to drive innovation and deliver even greater value to the British pig industry. This strategic partnership marks an exciting chapter in our journey towards continued leadership in pig genetics, enabling us to better serve our customers and contribute to the future of sustainable pork production.”

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