Rattlerow Farms responds to the importation of breeding stock from the US

02 September 2014

As information emerged that a UK ­based breeding company had decided to import breeding stock from the US, Rattlerow has been swift to assure its customers that it does not intend to put the health of their herds at risk.

The company has reinforced its support for the voluntary ban on the importation of stock from countries suffering from PED virus and re­affirmed its commitment to follow NPA advice, and customer sentiment, not to import animals originating from the USA or Canada. “We place the maintenance of health status as our top priority and follow strict procedures on the introduction of animals into our quarantine sites. We believe there is a real risk of introduction of PEDv from North America and ASF from Europe and it is the responsibility of breeding companies like ourselves to set an example to minimise these risks,” said Robert Lawson, Joint MD for Rattlerow Farms.

The company is in full support of the NPA position with regard to breeding stock imports and is urging the organisation to continue its work to reinforce this message across the industry. Biosecurity measures must be stepped up at all levels to help minimises the real and increasing threat these diseases present to the UK pig industry.