Optimum growth, maximum feed efficiency

The new OMX boar has been developed from the renowned Rattlerow MaxiMus and OptiMus sirelines. Combining selection indices over several years has resulted in a boar line which captures the advantages of both existing breeds.

With a combination of over 25 years of selection, the OMX brings to the producer and processor a unique balance between high lean meat yield and exceptionally fast, feed efficient lean growth. With a significant increase in processor loin and ham yield, it also ensures an improved killing out percentage and feed efficiency for the producer.

OMX boars are bred to be positive for the BETTERgen muscle+ gene, the only gene marker for lean and carcass uniformity. This leads to improvements in P2 and uniformity of carcasses at heavy slaughter weights.

OMX progeny are also renowned for their robustness and speed of growth pre-weaning. Increased hybrid vigour promotes fast early growth, higher weaning weights and lower pre-weaning mortality. Progeny are calm, easy to handle and show very low levels of vice across a wide range of finishing conditions.

  • Excellent lean growth and feed efficiency
  • Exceptional killing out percentage
  • Maximum ham and loin value
  • Robust piglets and high weaning weights
  • Additional hybrid vigour
  • Calm and easy to handle
  • Very low levels of vice – can be reared without tail-docking