Terminal Sire Lines: EASY2IMPROVE : MaxiMus : OptiMus : MaxiLean HC : Large White


Maximum lean meat and feed efficient growth

The MaxiMus sire line has been developed over 20 years to meet the requirements of the European market for efficient lean growth and lean meat yield especially in the high value cuts. Developed by incorporating strains of the double muscled Piétrain, this revolutionary Rattlerow Seghers sire line significantly increases processor loin and ham yield. It also ensures a significantly improved killing out percentage and excellent feed efficiency. Tested within a breeding programme operating across three continents, MaxiMus semen is used by cost efficient farmers in breeding programmes across the world.

MaxiMus is the first UK sire line to be 100% positive for BETTERgen® muscle+(IGF2), which guarantees improvements in lean meat yield, P2 and uniformity of carcasses at heavy slaughter weights. Freedom from the Halothane gene in this white sire line also ensures excellent meat quality.

Rattlerow MaxiMus progeny are also renowned for their improved viability and high weaning weight. This is a result of the additional hybrid vigour in the offspring which ensures fast early growth with low piglet mortality.

  • Exceptional lean meat %
  • Lower P2 at high weights
  • Excellent  killing out % and feed conversion
  • Maximum ham and loin value
  • Excellent uniformity & conformation
  • Good meat quality
  • Superior hybrid vigour and piglet viability


Terminal Sire Lines: EASY2IMPROVE : MaxiMus : OptiMus : MaxiLean HC : Large White