Parent Gilts: EASY2MANAGE : WhiteLand : LandRoc : WhiteRoc



The Rattlerow LandRoc combines the exceptional prolificacy and mothering ability of the Rattlerow Landrace 12 with the improved hardiness, growth and meat quality traits of the Rattlerow Duroc 46 line. The resulting parent gilt benefits from a high level of heterosis and possesses a keen appetite, strong maternal instincts and robustness.

Winner of a number of national UK awards for outstanding productivity, the Rattlerow LandRoc gilt has proven to be one of the most successful sows for outdoor and semi-intensive systems.

Intensive testing and selection and collaboration of the genetic programme with Rattlerow Seghers has brought about a significant increase in the productivity of this line. Under a variety of conditions the LandRoc has proven to be exceptionally prolific and also to demonstrate low piglet mortality and easy rebreeding.

When mated to Rattlerow sire line boars the resulting piglets demonstrate exceptional birth weights and good vitality. The progeny can be easily reared under a wide range of conditions to produce lean carcasses with improved eating quality.

Specialised breeders can operate a closed herd policy to produce prolific LandRoc gilts on their own farms through the GENmatch programme.

  • High numbers born
  • Hardy, robust and EASY2MANAGE
  • Excellent temperament and mothering ability
  • Regular breeding and good longevity
  • Good growth and appetite
  • Uniform, vigorous piglets
  • Excellent meat quality
  • UK award winner

Parent Gilts: EASY2MANAGE : WhiteLand : LandRoc : WhiteRoc