In The Chair

24 May 2014

Rattlerow at key industry conference


Simon Guise, Rattlerow’s UK Sales manager is chairing the afternoon session at this year’s BPEX Innovation Conference.  The 2014 event, which is focused on feeding and recording/ data collection, will showcase the latest ideas and concepts aimed at helping producers improve business management and efficiency of their production systems.

“I’m hoping my session will offer some vision of data collection and recording going forward and how innovation in this area will shape business decisions in the next few years,“ he says.
The speakers under his watch have some novel ideas and concepts that Simon says producers will benefit from.
“All have valuable experience of new technology and IT developments, which is an area the pig industry needs to get to grips with. These tools and concepts will be integral in improving efficiency and growing pigs businesses now and more so in the future,” he adds.

Simon’s session features:

  • David Speller of Applied Poultry, who uses data to maximise performance on his farms. He understands how technology can optimise and maintain broiler production; how any deviance from the correct conditions has an immediate impact on the profitability and how SMART technology can be used to efficiently manage production proceses and counteract problems.
  • Hugh Crabtree of Farmex has similar experience and has been instrumental in running the PIVIT project. He will explain how developing systems to allow pig farmers to continually monitor inputs including temperature, feed, water and energy has benefited growth and performance and has helped producers make energy savings and better managed their production processes.  Again SMART technology features here with ‘eye in the sty’ tools that are proving beneficial to stockmanship and herd management.
  • Pig producers Tom Allen and Harry Heath offer a commercial/practical view. They will share their experiences using new ideas and concepts to record and analyse data and how it is used to better manage their pigmeat production processes. Vet Duncan Berkshire MRCVS of the Bishopton vet group will offer a veterinary perspective how accurate recording and data collection can influence herd health management decisions
  • The final speaker, Professor Daniel Berckmans from the University of Leuven, Belgium will focus on precision farming and how it is shaping the EU livestock sector and what developments are expected by 2020.