AI: GENmatch: GP & GGP packages for in-house gilt production

Rattlerow Farms has specialised in the development of Grandparent and Great grandparent breeding stock used for the production of highly prolific parent gilts.

GENmatch offers farmers the ability to introduce this highly prolific dam line semen into their herds in a cost effective way in order to produce a constant supply  of any of the three Rattlerow parent gilts.The system allows producers to operate a closed herd policy or to greatly reduce incoming stock in order to stabilise and safeguard health. It also allows units to keep genetically close to the company nucleus to maintain genetic progress and it also encourages staff to be involved in the genetic improvement of their herd.



  • Purchase GP gilts direct from Nucleus into isolation in 3 age groups only twice per year.
  • Maintain GP numbers in herd at 12% of total herd.
  • Cross mate with correct GGP boar.
  • Identify female progeny with tag or tattoo before fostering.
  • Group gilts together at weaning.
  • Follow progeny through to 90 kg then carefully select replacement parent gilts.


  • Greatly reduced number of inputs and animals entering herd.
  • Constant gilt pool
  • Improved biosecurity and health stability.
  • Smaller isolation required.
  • Genetically close to the nucleus.
  • Added interest in units’ genetic progress.
  • Potential cost savings