Research: Gentec NV

Rattlerow's continued investment in Research and Development is geared to suit the differing needs of the world's pig markets. It includes both production based technology and more advanced biotechnology. Rattlerow has a distinctive record of successful collaboration with a number of academic institutions and universities.

GENTEC is a biotech research partner of Rattlerow, providing biotechnical tools for animal breeding. Through collaboration with the Universities of Liege, Leuven and Ghent, GENTEC offers an ideal research base to provide solutions in the fields of molecular genetics and embryo transfer. GENTEC is co-owner and inventor of the application of IGF2 technologies applied within Rattlerow and in many modern swine breeding programmes worldwide. The application of marker assisted selection is used within the Rattlerow lines to improve lean %, meat quality and litter size.

Production based research covers all aspects of housing, ventilation, equipment, feed and nutrition and animal husbandry.  Extensive product evaluation within our own farms under a wide range of commercial conditions in collaboration with a number of processing plants, allows our customers the benefit of a blueprint to maximise the financial performance of their units.

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