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Parent Gilt Range: EASY2MANAGE

The Rattlerow purebred dam lines that make up the Rattlerow parent gilt range have been selected from its nucleus herds for high numbers born alive and weaned, regular breeding and mothering ability. The breeding programme uses BLUP analysis from associated Rattlerow herds on three continents to calculate a number of important combined dam line breeding traits. This approach ensures that parent gilts are both highly productive and capable of producing large uniform litters whilst still being EASY2MANAGE over a long breeding life.

Rattlerow takes great pride in the reputation it has gained over many years for the quality of its stock. Great emphasis is placed on the nutrition and housing of young gilts to ensure their correct development and to maximise their breeding life and calm temperament. Strict selection of stock focusing on teats, feet, legs and body conformation is recognised as a key component in delivering a quality product.

Rattlerow understands that not all farms experience the same financial advantage by focusing exclusively on numbers born and have therefore taken a balanced approach to selection within their hyperprolific programme They understand the inverse relationship between numbers born and rebreeding and between pre-weaning mortality and weaning weight as demonstrated in the charts above. Some breeders want to maximise numbers born whilst others will wish to focus on the farrowing index and producing higher weaning weights with less piglet mortality and variability. Rattlerow have therefore developed three parent lines that allow customers to match this EASY2MANAGE concept to their own farm situation and choose the best parent gilt to maximise profitability.

Parent Gilts : EASY2MANAGE : WhiteLand : LandRoc : WhiteRoc

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