Cyprus: Progressive pig business increases commitment to RA-SE

12 May 2013


The economic difficulties being experienced in Cyprus has not deterred investment in top quality pig genetics.  D&F Afxentiou Bros, one of the island’s leading pig production enterprises, has recently invested in a consignment of pure line GGP animals and also signed a genetic service agreement to join Rattlerow Seghers’ (RA-SE) GENmatch® breeding programme.

“It was unsure whether we could export breeding pigs to Cyprus at the agreed time, as it was only one week after the bank system started working again. Nevertheless, the Afxentiou contract was fulfilled in time,” said Geert Spincemaille, CEO at RA-SE Genetics.

The 1500-sow breeding and production has taken imports of GGP breeding stock every two to three years for some time. However, the company now believes GENmatch® will also be a valuable asset. The RA-SE genetic management programme will now be applied throughout D&F Afxentiou’s nucleus and reduce reliance on live animal imports.

The breeding programme will allow the Cypriot pig production business to maintain continuous genetic improvement of its breeding herds and maximise advances of its in-house CORA dam line and MaxiMus terminal sire line breeding programmes.

Breeding and research in Cyprus

Breeding and research in Cyprus

RA-SE Genetics will work closely with D&F Afxentiou and assist in the selection and genetic data exchange and provide technical support. The lasted consignment GGP breeding pigs will be served using high genetic merit frozen semen from the RA-SE’s AI studs in Belgium and Holland. The first matings were carried out at the end of April.

RA-SE Genetics has vast experience with frozen semen and regularly exports genetics using this method to Brazil, Colombia and Hungary. The technique has proved highly successful and is an efficient and cost-effective means of distributing high value genetics worldwide.