05 September 2018

Simon Cook joins Rattlerow Farms as Technical Sales Manager

With more than 30 years’ experience of pig production and genetics, Simon brings valuable technical expertise and practical knowledge to this position.

With continued growth being seen across all of Rattlerow’s pig business, Simon’s new role will strengthen the company’s sales and technical support services for both its breeding stock division and Klasse AI business. Based in Wiltshire, he has responsibility for technical sales with a key responsibility for business development in the midlands, south west and southern areas of the England.  He will also work with new and existing customers throughout the UK when needed.

Simon is delighted to be part of Rattlerow’s team – back at the frontline of commercial pig production. His career is firmly rooted in the pigs and his objective has always been to help businesses access innovation and new technology so they can improve production efficiency and their competitive edge.

“I grew up with farming; I’ve always been involved with pigs and still find the industry fascinating. Yes, we face many challenges ahead with Brexit uncertainties, antibiotic reduction and an increasingly competitive market place, but producers do have access to resources that will help them to improve productivity, reduce costs and succeed,” he said.

“We face many challenges… but producers do have access to resources that will help them to improve productivity, reduce costs and succeed.” – Simon Cook

Simon joined the pig industry as a stockman before moving into the breeding sector. He has managed regional and national sales for a number of leading UK genetics suppliers and was previously the business and marketing manager for Hermitage AI where he was responsible for six boar studs, all UK sales/services and distribution activities and 35 staff.

He believes pig producers are now learning to ‘better manage’ high prolificacy in their damlines and the inherent performance potential of today’s commercial genotypes. They must now focus on damline nutrition and gain a better understanding of how this can influence piglet health, pre-wean litter performance, weaner quality and the sow’s subsequent reproductive performance.


Sireline performance continues to improve. Rattlerow’s MaxiMus, OptiMus and TenderShire have been joined by Danish and US breeds at the Klasse Ai stud (Rattlerow’s AI partner). Now, producers have opportunity to use some of the world’s best sireline genetics from a quality supplier, he adds.

Rattlerow’s joint Managing Director Robert Lawson is thrilled to have Simon on board. His skills, experience and passion for pig production will be very valuable going forward.

“The dynamics of UK pig production are changing and as one of the UK’s largest independent producers, we fully understand the pressures and uncertainties being faced by commercial production businesses.  Farmers want to improve efficiency and they’re seeking innovative ideas and new technology, so we are responding and are shaping our business to ensure we have the right people and resources in place so we can continue to provide them with the products and services they need to maximise productivity and improve their competitive position,” he added.


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