Delivering breeding technology for the UK Pig industry

AutoMate is a revolutionary all-in-one storage and insemination system available exclusively in the UK from Rattlerow Farms. Developed and produced by French AI specialist Genes Diffusion, this ‘hands-free’ system is quick and easy to use and gives better breeding performance than conventional systems. Used extensively in Europe over a number of years and with many millions now sold per year worldwide, UK producers can now benefit from this new proven technology.

Simple, safe, convenient

In the AutoMate system the catheter and dose of semen are supplied as a single, sterile and complete, ready to use sealed unit. A latex thermo-sensitive sheath encases the rigid catheter, and the correct semen dose. Once inserted into the sow, it naturally responds to her body temperature, gradually warming the semen to 36° centigrade and activating the heat sensitive wax plug to commence the insemination process and release semen into the uterus. This more natural impregnation by the sow reduces the chance of temperature shock and the opportunity for human error. It is also known that pre-warming of the semen can produce improved results.

Saves time

Once the catheter has been inserted into a cycling and stimulated sow the inseminator is free to move onto the next animal. Insemination can therefore be many times faster than conventional AI, so improving staff morale, reducing stress on the sow and offering significant cost benefits, especially within batch production systems. It also enables the stockman to time his inseminations more closely with the introduction of boar stimulation and thus hit the peak standing reflex of the sow.

Improved numbers born

Trials performed on Rattlerow and customer farms and independent trials abroad have repeatedly reported an increase of more than 0.5 of a pig born per litter to AutoMate services in comparison to conventional AI.

  • Over half a pig more
  • 6 times faster
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Improved hygiene
  • Self-warming of semen
  • Self-impregnating by sow
  • Improved timing to sychronise oestrus
  • Suited to batch systems
  • Improved staff motivation