Pig specialist and business manager Simon Guise has joined Rattlerow Farms

07 January 2014

A happy return – Simon’s back to pigs

Pig specialist and business manager Simon Guise has joined Rattlerow Farms as UK Sales Manager He takes over from Keith Poulson who has retired following more than 15 years with the company.

Simon Guise Simon Guise[/caption]

Simon has wide experience of both the UK and continental pig sectors. He has a passion for training and knowledge transfer and says his new role at Rattlerow will offer opportunities to work closely with pig producers and the wider industry.

“It’s great to be back in the pig industry after a short sabbatical with the poultry industry. I’m thrilled to be part of the Rattlerow team as I’ve always had a high regard for the company, its products and services. I believe the business has and continues to have an important and growing role within the UK pig sector,” he added.

But it’s not just about providing proven genetics, says Simon. Rattlerow’s practical approach to pig management achieves exceptional results and in an industry facing key challenges to improve productivity and efficiency, taking a more balanced approach is vitally important.

“Rattlerow Farms are consistently achieving more than 28 pigs reared per sow per year from its own commercial herds with growth rates in terminal lines exceeding 1200g/day. Producers can learn a great deal from this business and how to harness more of the genetic potential currently available in their own herds. My role will be to help farmers achieve similar targets and raise the productivity of their herds. It can be done as some of our customers are already matching our figures,” he said.

Robert Lawson, Managing Director at Rattlerow Farms says Simon will strengthen the company’s already very dedicated team. He has valuable management, marketing and production experience and a very clear understanding of pig producers’ needs.
“Simon has been at the coal face and knows the pressures and challenges faced by pig farmers. His experience and expertise will be of significant benefit to our customers and to our own business too,” he said.